VIDEO: AreaEcho For Real Estate Agents

AreaEcho For Real Estate Agents

Ok, I will admit it.. I’m like a kid with a new toy.

I had so much fun putting together the video for painting contractors that I decided to do another one. This time it is for Real Estate Agents and has been added to the landing page.

So, without further adieu, I present to you AreaEcho for Real Estate Agents Explained:

Transcript Follows:

Let’s face it, as a real estate agent, you want exposure.

So what if there was a way to reach people that have shown interest in real estate in your local area, and target them with online banner ads?

There is, actually. It’s called AreaEcho, and I’m going to explain to you how it works.

I’m sure you’ve had this happen to you.  You’re going along, browsing the web and stop off at a site and look at a product.  The next day, you fire your computer or smartphone back up, and what do you know.. There’s that product!

This happens because of an advertising practice called “retargeting.”  A lot of people think it’s a little bit creepy, but most of us have gotten used to it, and for advertisers, it’s VERY effective.

The only drawback to advertising like this is that someone has to visit your website in order for you to place your ads in front of them.  So if you have a large, busy site, that’s great.

But what if you’re trying to attract that traffic TO your website in the first place?

That’s where AreaEcho comes in.  Like retargeting ads, we put your banner ads on hundreds of the web’s most popular sites, and they seem to follow potential homebuyers around.

But unlike retargeting ads, the person doesn’t have to visit your website to be targeted.  You see, when someone goes online and starts searching for real estate and visiting real estate related sites, they leave a digital footprint behind that identifies their behavior as someone that might need an agent.

What AreaEcho does, is recognize that footprint when the person is located in your area.  And by “your area”, we mean up to 5 zip codes you want to target. The next thing you know, they’re seeing your ad when they are looking at the news, checking the weather, visiting sports or magazine sites.. You get the idea.

So I know you’re asking what does all of this cost?  (laugh) You’re gonna love this.  It’s a measly $59 a month.

That’s right.  AreaEcho shows your ad up to 10,000 times per month for only $59.00. Why don’t you compare that to blanketing a neighborhood with postcards?

What makes it better is that we have a real-live designer make your ads for you for free when you sign up.  When I say free, I mean it, as in no setup fees at all.

So there must be a contract, right?  Nope. There’s not one of those, either. Our service is month to month. We believe in our service, and we believe you’ll stay with it, so if you want to cancel, cancel.  We’re betting you wont.

The only thing I will warn you about is that we only allow two real estate agents in the same zip code.  So if you’re not quick, you might not be able to sign up.

Click the link below this video to visit our sign up page, or give us a call at (866) 353-2701 if you have any questions. We hope to have you onboard soon.

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Jim Mosier

Jim is the founder of MosierData and the architect behind AreaEcho. He is a champion for small business and has been developing websites since "The Web" became a thing. He currently holds certifications in Everything Google (Analytics, Adwords Search, Display, Video, Mobile and Shopping) as well as Inbound Marketing. Outside of work, he's really into the Tampa Bay Lightning, riding his Harley and taking cruises when he can find time to unplug.