NEW VIDEO: AreaEcho for Painting Contractors Explained

AreaEcho For Painting Contractors

I just put the finishing touches on our first “explainer” video for AreaEcho.  I’ve gone ahead and added it to the Painter Landing Page but thought it was “blog worthy” so I wanted to share it here as well.  I plan to make another one soon, so keep an eye here to see how it goes.

Transcription Follows:

What if I told you, that there really is a way to find people looking for painting services in your local area, and target them with online advertisements?

You probably knew that. I get it.

But what you probably don’t know is that you don’t have to pay a ton of money every time someone clicks.

I’ll explain how it works:

Have you ever gone to a website and looked at a  product, only to find that product suddenly start following you around on other websites?  I think we’ve all seen that.  It is an advertising practice they call “retargeting.”  Whether  you think its a little creepy or not, it is very effective.

The problem with re-targeting though, is that it requires that someone visits your website before you can place your ads in front of them.  I mean, I guess it’s not a problem if you get a lot of visitors, but if you don’t, well, wouldn’t you like to focus on getting a lot of visitors?

That’s where AreaEcho comes in.  Let me tell you how it works.

When someone goes online and starts searching for painting contractors, maybe researching what to ask, looking at reviews, visiting a few websites, they leave a digital footprint.  Yeah, I know, it may seem a little creepy, but so is retargeting, remember?

Anyway, AreaEcho picks up on that footprint.  If that particular person happens to be in your service area (which we define by zip code) then we serve up your ad to them on a couple of hundred of the worlds top websites.

This means they will likely see your ad when looking at the news, checking the weather, visiting sports or magazine sites.. You get the idea.

So the next question you’re probably asking is, if I don’t have to pay by the click, what does this cost?  Well my friend, that’s the best part.

AreaEcho shows your ad up to 10,000 times per month for $59.00.  That’s a huge savings when you compare it to traditional media like magazines or direct mail.  And we’ll even create your ads for you for free.

Plus there is no setup fees and no long-term contracts.  We believe in our service, and we believe you’ll stay with it, so if you want to cancel, cancel.  We’re betting you wont.

The only thing I will warn you about is that we only allow two advertisers in the same category per zip code.  So if you’re not quick, you might not be able to sign up.

Click the link below this video to visit our sign up page, or give us a call at (866) 353-2701 if you have any questions. We hope to have you onboard soon.

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Jim Mosier

Jim is the founder of MosierData and the architect behind AreaEcho. He is a champion for small business and has been developing websites since "The Web" became a thing. He currently holds certifications in Everything Google (Analytics, Adwords Search, Display, Video, Mobile and Shopping) as well as Inbound Marketing. Outside of work, he's really into the Tampa Bay Lightning, riding his Harley and taking cruises when he can find time to unplug.