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The art of the offer: Getting People To Click Your Ads

The Art Of The Offer: Getting People To Click Your Banner Ads

This is the first of a series of posts designed to go into the pillars of a sound online marketing strategy.  Although I’m writing this article in the context of AreaEcho Banner Ads, it is just as applicable to virtually any marketing tactic. First off, I will just put this out there: Banner ads, unless […]

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We’re definitely on to something..

We're Definitely On To Something..

Today is an important day. Can you guess what it is? It marks the one-month point since we brought AreaEcho out of private beta and opened it to the public. This morning, I wrote all of our customers to thank them for putting their trust in a new concept. In that email, I included some […]

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Welcome Beta Testers!

Beta Testers Wanted

AreaEcho’s beta program is now open.  Join up to share experiences with colleagues and qualify for a special pricing promotion. Two weeks ago, I came up with the idea of AreaEcho. Today, we’re launching our official beta program and I have sent personal invitations to a few folks in industries that I think might be […]

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