Welcome Beta Testers!

Beta Testers Wanted

AreaEcho’s beta program is now open.  Join up to share experiences with colleagues and qualify for a special pricing promotion.

Two weeks ago, I came up with the idea of AreaEcho. Today, we’re launching our official beta program and I have sent personal invitations to a few folks in industries that I think might be a good fit. If you didn’t receive your invitation but want to get a jump start on our technology as we polish the product and implement the final features please contact us.

Moving forward, we’re setting a goal of complete transparency with regard to AreaEcho’s features, capabilities, and pricing.  We believe this is going to be an innovative service and small businesses deserve to know what they are buying and how much it will cost.

For those of you that are signing up for our beta, knowing what you are getting is simple.  Give our service a try and share your feedback with us and others in your industry.  Your candid feedback is essential as we tweak our campaign algorithms and prepare for a full release in November.

We will use your feedback to make sure we have a viable product as well as to insure our internal processes and systems are set up to allow scalable growth.

In return for your assistance, you will continue to receive the package at the beta price for the life of your campaign, regardless of how we adjust pricing in the future.

If you haven’t already, be sure to sign up now! We look forward to a great future together.

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Jim Mosier

Jim is the founder of MosierData and the architect behind AreaEcho. He is a champion for small business and has been developing websites since "The Web" became a thing. He currently holds certifications in Everything Google (Analytics, Adwords Search, Display, Video, Mobile and Shopping) as well as Inbound Marketing. Outside of work, he's really into the Tampa Bay Lightning, riding his Harley and taking cruises when he can find time to unplug.