AreaEcho is a Painting Contractor Marketing Platform That's Extremely Targeted, Highly-Effective & Amazingly Affordable.

If you thought all of the online advertising programs for painting companies were based on paying by the lead or by the click, you're in for a treat. Watch this video to learn about how you can put your brand directly in front of customers in your area actively researching painters.

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No Setup Fees • Free Banner Ad Design • No Contract, Cancel Anytime

Other online advertising targets the terms that people search for and charges you by the click to your website.

AreaEcho targets prospects based on their location and their activity (including what they search for and sites they visit) and delivers a minumum of 10,000 monthly ad impressions for one low monthly price.


Why should I use AreaEcho?

For starters, it’s much more affordable than traditional advertising like billboards or postcards. We make the most of your advertising budget by only targeting people in area that show signs of being interested in your service.

What will my ads look like?

Our professional graphic designers will reach out to you with a few basic questions when you sign up. Answer those short questions and they will design custom ads for you within 2 days. The sizes are 300x250 and 728x90, which are the two most popular sizes on the sites we place them on.

How often will my ads appear?

Most campaigns will appear around 10,000 times per month. This will vary based on the zip codes you select, the time of year and your industry target, but will always receive maximum exposure.

How long does it take to get started?

Within one week. Once you sign up, our professional design team will make you a set of banner ads for the web. The set will include one 300x250 medium ad and a 728x90 leaderboard ad, representing the two most popular sizes on the web. If you choose a package that includes Facebook ads, we’ll create a 1200x628 ad too.

How do I know where my ads run?

Each week, se send you a nifty little report via e-mail. The report is very clear and easy to understand, and will show you exactly how many times your ads were shown, how many times they were clicked and the top 25 websites which they appeared that week.

Explain how the zip codes are used?

AreaEcho uses zip codes to target potential clients by their computer's IP address. We also use zip codes to limit each category to two advertisers. Some clients prefer to buy two packages for exclusivity in their chosen zip codes, if available.

What sites will my ad appear on?

Your ads are eligible to be placed on hundreds of the web's top websites. Categories include News (such as, magazines (like, Real Estate (like, web portals (AOL, etc.), business (like and more. Your weekly report will list exactly where and how often your ads were placed.

How much does it cost?

Prices start at $59/month for targeting prospects surfing the Web in up to 5 zip codes. Additional zip codes are an extremely affordable $3/month. We also offer Facebook targeting at an extra cost. Click the "Show Pricing & Sign Up" button to see all packages.

What happens when my ad is clicked?

When someone clicks your ad, they go to the destination you give us when you sign up. This can be your website, your Facebook page, a landing page or any other site on the web that you specify. It’s totally up to you. Unlike typical pay-per-click advertising, you aren’t charged by the number of clicks. Our ads are designed to give you maximum exposure at a minimal cost.

Is this only for painters?

No. While we are specifically targeting painting contractors at this time, we have several home services categories where we allow up to 2 advertisers per zip code. Examples include Pools & Spas, Pest Control, Roofing, Flooring, Real Estate Agents and more.

Still Have Questions? Call us Toll-Free at ​(888) 389-3282 • 9AM - 5PM Weekdays

What will your ads look like?

Here are a few examples we created FREE for companies just like yours.

Think Painting - Banner Ad By AreaEcho
Tech Painting - Banner Ad By AreaEcho
RePaint Florida - Banner Ad By AreaEcho

When you sign up, we will create a set of banners customized with your message and logo. You will receive 2 sizes - 300x250 as shown here and a 728x90 version. All within a couple of days.

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