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Well, we’ve only been live just a few short days and we’ve already opened up another category: Fitness Classes & Personal Training.

What started out as a referral (which I planned to turn down, by the way) from a trusted friend turned into an office-wide debate.  And I lost.

You see Daryin and Alex are really big into fitness.  I mean really into it..  Daryin just took 3rd place in a fitness model competition and I don’t even know how many times Alex has placed. Me, not so much, although I have recently started going back to the gym a few times per week so I can look a little less flabby when I get married next June..

So when this new client came forward, they wanted to do it.  I didn’t.  I (like normal) wanted to stick in my safe zone and keep with the categories that we initially decided to roll out, but what eventually swayed my opinion were their arguments that:

  • Personal trainers really NEED this product
    They made the point that most personal trainers do things out of their love for fitness, not because they sat down one day and decided to start an empire. They lack an inexpensive way to get the word out besides going through their personal connections. I think they knew this one would get me since everything I do is to help small business owners.
  • People looking for Fitness Instruction need the help
    Who knew so many people took to the web to find a reliable trainer? I thought that everyone did it the way I did it (in the old days) where you learned about fitness from a friend of just walked into the gym and signed up for an appointment. Not the case.  People search online. A lot!
  • There is a HUGE in-market segment for Fitness Classes & Personal Training
    After we were approached by this client, we did some research.  Turns out, there is a large in-market audience just in our local area.  Let alone Houston, which is the city that our client is targeting.

So while we’re not ready to put together a specific landing page for Fitness Trainers just yet, stay tuned as we’ll share some updates in the coming months about how well this category does.

Are you a Fitness Instructor or Personal Trainer?

If you are interested in growing your business by targeting customers looking for Fitness Classes & Personal Training in your area, be sure to contact us.

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