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The art of the offer: Getting People To Click Your Ads

The Art Of The Offer: Getting People To Click Your Banner Ads

This is the first of a series of posts designed to go into the pillars of a sound online marketing strategy.  Although I’m writing this article in the context of AreaEcho Banner Ads, it is just as applicable to virtually any marketing tactic. First off, I will just put this out there: Banner ads, unless […]

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The importance of a call-to-action in your banner ad

The importance of your call to action

How do you gauge a customer’s interest?  By whether or not they click on your ad.  If they don’t click, they’re probably not interested in your offer, right?  Actually, that isn’t always the case.  Sometimes the reason people don’t click is simply because you didn’t tell them to.  That is where the call-to-action comes in.  […]

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